Local Industries February 24, 2023

Thriving Job Market is Worth Moving To Jonesboro

Welcome to Jonesboro, Arkansas! A city that has a lot to offer to those who are looking to move here for work. Not only is it a friendly and welcoming community, but it also has a thriving job market. This is particularly evident in the education, health, and manufacturing industries. In this blog, we will explore why moving to Jonesboro is a great idea. I will provide examples of companies that are contributing to the growth of these industries.

Arkansas State University


Jonesboro is home to several schools and universities, including Arkansas State University (ASU). ASU is a four-year, public university that offers over 150 different degree programs, including programs in engineering, nursing, business, and education. The university also employs over 1,400 faculty and staff members, making it a significant contributor to the local economy.

Other educational institutions in Jonesboro include the Jonesboro School District, which is one of the largest school districts in the state of Arkansas, as well as the Valley View School District. Both these institutions and several others provide a range of job opportunities, from teaching positions to administrative roles.


Jonesboro is also home to several healthcare organizations that provide a wide range of services to residents in the area. For example, St. Bernards Healthcare is a regional healthcare system that includes a 438-bed hospital, a cancer center, a heart center, and multiple clinics and outpatient facilities. The organization employs over 3,000 people. This makes it one of the largest employers in Northeast Arkansas.

Another healthcare organization in Jonesboro is NEA Baptist. This not-for-profit healthcare system, includes a 228-bed hospital, a cancer center, and several clinics and outpatient facilities. NEA Baptist employs over 1,800 people. They are committed to providing high-quality healthcare to patients in the area.


Jonesboro is also a hub for manufacturing, with several companies operating in the area. Nestle, for example, operates a manufacturing facility in Jonesboro that produces a variety of frozen foods, including pizzas and entrees. The facility employs over 800 people, which provide a strong presence in the local and surrounding area.

Other manufacturing companies in Jonesboro include Hytrol Conveyor Company, which planted roots in the area in 1962 and produces conveyor systems for a range of industries, and Frito-Lay, which produces snacks and other food products. These companies and many others provide a range of job opportunities, from production line positions to management roles.


In summary, moving to this area of Arkansas, is a great idea for anyone looking for a welcoming community with a thriving Jonesboro job market. With a range of opportunities in education, healthcare, and manufacturing, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. From Arkansas State University to St. Bernards Healthcare and Nestle, there are plenty of companies that are contributing to the growth of these industries and providing job opportunities to those who call Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas home.